Cheers! Maine drinks more than any other state

Image by Blowfish for Hangovers

Image by Blowfish for Hangovers

According to a recent study commissioned by Blowfish (a company that manufactures an Alka-Seltzer-like hangover remedy), Maine imbibes more alcohol than any other state in the country.

Rounding out the top five in that list are, in descending order, Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

Here’s another point of pride: While Mainers drinks the most, according to the study, we hardly every complain about hangovers. Maine is way down at 42nd most hungover state. Vermont is the least hungover state (I guess New Englanders are very stoic), while D.C. suffers the most. Also, only 23% of Mainers have had to call out of work because of a hangover.

A beer is poured at Bangor's second Tap Into Summer Beer Festival in June. BDN photo by Ashley L. Conti

A beer is poured at Bangor’s second Tap Into Summer Beer Festival in June. BDN photo by Ashley L. Conti

The Blowfish study is honestly interesting and comprehensive. Aside from drinking and hangover facts, there’s also drink preferences to paw through. Maine’s favorite beer is Sam Adams, and apparently our favorite shot is the Jagerbomb.

Nationally, according to the study, Americans consume 122 billion alcoholic drinks every year. The top three drinks in the country are beer, vodka and red wine, while the top three hangover culprits are tequila, vodka and red wine. In the realm of politics and brews, Republicans prefer Bud Light, Democrats are all about Blue Moon, and Libertarians love their Sam Adams.

Waiters are (again, according to the survey — no judgement here!) the most likely to show up to work hungover, followed by real estate agents, sales people, police officers and chefs.

There’s plenty of gender comparisons in the study to look over, too, if you’re so inclined. For instance, women are 40% more likely to drunk-dial an ex, and 50% of men have “peed somewhere they shouldn’t have” while drinking.

My favorite infographic to come out of the study is the illustration of “America’s Biggest Drinker.” The profile is “based on attributes associated with the highest weekly alcohol consumption” according to the survey’s findings. The biggest drinker in the U.S. a 51-year-old father who has a beard, tattoos and a PhD in engineering. He smokes cigarettes, watches golf, plays hockey, roots for the Redskins and — you guessed it — lives in Maine.

Cheers, Mainers. Drink responsibly.