This Mainer is selling his life-sized Flintstones car. Guess the price…

You’ve seen classic car replicas, but perhaps nothing quite like this classic. Tip of the cap here to my BDN colleague Jackie Farwell, who was probably hunting online for a 1967 Corvette when she found this gem.

Someone from Gorham is putting his life-sized Flintstones car up on Craigslist for sale:

The asking price? A very affordable $25. (After all, your legs are the engine, in case you’ve forgotten Flintstones transportation… )

Click here to Andy’s Craigslist ad and, if you want, to make him an offer.

Andy wrote that his family dressed up as the Flintstones last Halloween, and made this car as one really, really well-done prop. He describes it as being about six feet tall, five feet wide and eight feet long. The seat supports two adults and one child (presumably Pebbles).

Just don’t plan any road trips for this otherwise fantastic piece; while it makes a great play set, the wheels don’t technically turn.

Some more from Andy’s description:

The top is made of canvas from Lowe’s, and I’m including an extra one. The one in the photos looks a big saggy because it is just draped over rather than attached. Whomever takes it home will want to take off the top up for the journey.

I’ve also included half a can of texture paint for seat touchup.

The body needs touch up paint here and there from during assembly / disassembly. The brown paint can dried out, but I’m including the cap from the Home Depot paint can, so it can be duplicated in a sample jar ($5 or so, if I remember correctly).

Other than the body touch up it is in excellent condition – we only used it the one evening.

Must go to a good home where it will be loved and cared for…