‘A workaholic with a fiction addiction’: Stephen King pops up in an epic rap battle

One of the more amusing web series out there these days — if you don’t mind some vulgarity — is the Epic Rap Battles of History series on YouTube.

If you haven’t seen them, they feature talented rappers dressed as various characters — sometimes real historical figures, sometimes fictitious ones — engaged in throwdown rap battles.

Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla trading rapid-fire, rhyming insults about whose electricity theories were superior, for instance.

Well this month, Maine’s most famous horror writer gets a spin in the spoof series, squaring off with macabre poet Edgar Allan Poe in an Epic Rap Battle of History.

As you can hear below, the faux Stephen King lambastes the faux Poe, calling his 19th century predecessor — famous for poems such as “The Raven” — boring while playing up his own prolific modern-day career. A sample “King” rap:

You’re the worst

‘Dropped out of school, but you can’t drop a verse

I could have spent that time better

In eight bars I can write a whole bestseller