Move over Gotham and Metropolis. The fate of the superhero world will be determined in… Maine?

Hollywood’s got another banner year laid out for superhero movies, with Marvel’s Captain America, Spider-man, X-men and even the lesser known Guardians of the Galaxy due for big screen features in 2014.

Marvel’s biggest rival, DC, will hit back in the next few years with another Superman flick, this time shoehorning the “Man of Steel” into a movie alongside other tightly dressed A-listers Batman and Wonder Woman.

Bad-guy versions of Superman and The Flash stare down the possible end of Earth in the latest "Forever Evil" DC comic book. Check out where they are.

Bad-guy versions of Superman and The Flash stare down the possible end of Earth in the latest “Forever Evil” DC comic book. Check out where they are.

But none of these big budget extravaganzas would be anywhere without their comic book source material, and once again, the fate of Superman’s Earth in the comic books may be determined in… Maine.

That’s right, not the skyscrapers of Batman’s Gotham or Superman’s Metropolis, or even The Flash’s hometown of Keystone City. But Maine. Specifically York, Maine.

I’ll do my best to describe this succinctly.

At the end of the March edition of “Forever Evil,” a spinoff comic miniseries perpetuating the story line superhero aficionados are following in the better-known “Justice League” comics — that’s the series that ties together the aforementioned Superman, Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman, among others — a team of evil Justice League doppelgangers from an alternate reality find a suspicious red gash across the sky over York.

Follow me so far?

ultraman 2Well, those bad-guy versions of mainstays like Superman and Cyborg — going by “Ultraman” and “The Grid” — came to this dimension because theirs was destroyed by some monstrous thing even more powerful than they were. At this point in the Justice League story, these look-alikes have overcome the real Justice League heroes and have taken over the world, aside from a small band of rebels led by Batman and Lex Luthor (yes, Batman and Lex Luthor are working together, albeit begrudgingly).

Now the thing Ultraman fears most has followed him to this version of reality, and is cracking through the coastal Maine sky to make its dramatic appearance. What is this thing? What happens next? That’ll be explained in the April editions of “Forever Evil” and “Justice League,” presumably.

This is not the first time Maine has been a point of interest in DC’s Justice League universe. In the July 2012 edition of “Justice League,” we meet fictitious bestselling author David Graves stricken with a mysterious illness and on the verge of death in his Augusta mansion, just before he sets out to make a pact with evil spirits and is revived as a ghoulish villain bent on revenge against the League for some previous grievance. But I won’t get into all that…

It’s kind of complicated.