EMMC gives kids epic surprise with superheroes cleaning windows


It’s not every day that you see superheroes scaling the walls of a hospital in order to put a much-needed smile on a child’s face, but thanks to the Cleanup Group NE of Winthrop, the kids on the Pediatric floor, Grant 8, at EMMC got quite a fun surprise. On Oct. 26, Thor, The Punisher, […]

Former UMaine goaltender loses his teeth but stays in the game for the win

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.11.00 AM

Ben Bishop, former University of Maine and current Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender, was well on his way to an easy victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs with six minutes left in the second period with a four-goal cushion. Toronto’s Peter Holland wound up a wrist shot that tested the merit of Bishop’s mask. Unfortunately for […]

A man dressed as a tree was arrested in Portland, and people can’t stop making tree puns

https://twitter.com/GreggWGME/status/790732269325615105 A man standing in traffic dressed as a tree was arrested Monday in Portland. Social media jokesters wasted no time. Here are the best/worst comments we saw. https://twitter.com/TrooperBob_SCHP/status/790880072328765440 If a tree walks in the middle of the street, will it be arrested? The answer is yes in Portland, Maine. #treeman https://t.co/cIpuppPlew — Mary McGuire […]