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Statistician calculates best route for beer-tasting road trip. Here’s where it stops in Maine.

Dr. Nathan Yau put his grasp of mathematics to good use for the website Flowing Data when he determined the most efficient route for taking a beer-tasting road trip around the continental U.S. Yau took RateBeer’s list of the world’s top 100 breweries, pulled the 70 that have home bases to visit in the 48 […]

3 women took a road trip to Portland. One cries (happy tears) at the end

Ingrid Nilsen, whose YouTube videos about beauty tips and home decor have garnered millions of views online, recently made a video about a road trip she took to Portland, from New York, with two friends. The women, captured in slow motion and set against beautiful scenes of the city, do what many tourists do: eat delicious […]