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Popular gaming show host lauds Maine-made ‘NHL 94,’ tries to pronounce ‘Bangor’

“Colin & Greg Live,” a popular livestream show covering video games and related technology, recently discussed what host Colin Moriarty refers to “the most beloved hockey game of all time.” Colin and co-host Greg Miller, who work for San Francisco-based Kinda Funny, offer a roundup of game-related news during their daily livestream. “NHL ’94” and its programmer, Maine native […]

An interactive playlist of Maine’s — and every other state’s — favorite love songs

Celine Dion (Reuters photo)

Big tips of the cap here to Judy Long for noticing this neat interactive display, Tableau’s Clara Siegel for devising it and BDN maps-and-charts expert Darren Fishell for helping me hoist the thing up onto one of our own #Maine posts. (How many journalists and programmers does it take to screw in an interactive playlist? […]

Excitable Canadian weatherman Frankie MacDonald back with forecast for latest blizzard

During the last blizzard to hit Maine, we posted about amateur Canadian weatherman Frankie MacDonald, whose excited forecast videos have garnered him more than 18,000 followers on Twitter and 47,000 subscribers on YouTube. Frankie is autistic, and his family, in an interview with the CBC, said his weather videos and updates are his life. Frankie has also become an […]