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Rock star hospitalized in Maine raves about local doctors and nurses, forgives tick that gave her Lyme disease

amanda palmer

Amanda Palmer, the outspoken rock star and former Dresden Dolls singer, had planned to spend a relaxing week in Maine with her husband, award-winning author Neil Gaiman, but ended up in the hospital. While she had to cancel a stretch of concert dates because of her ill health, she gave Damariscotta’s Miles Memorial Hospital a […]

Do the right thing: Bath school develops ‘portable conscience’ app


The private Bath-based Hyde School announced this week its students, alumni, faculty and staff have created what they’re calling a “portable conscience” app for your mobile device. It’s like a 21st century version of the proverbial angel on your shoulder. The nearly 50-year-old boarding school focuses on leadership and character-building, and since its 1966 founding […]

How many odd places have you played ping pong in Maine? These John Bapst grads have video proof of 7

Screenshot 2015-06-23 at 6.21.19 PM

Seven John Bapst Memorial High School graduates have produced a video showing their ping pong prowess at various landmarks throughout Maine. Calling themselves the Maine Film Guys, Adam Grotton, Colby Kohn, Cody Lyons, Tommy Burns, Justin Gagnon, Austin Cyr and Ryan Ward — who all graduated from John Bapst last year — filmed at the University of Maine, Bangor’s Paul […]