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Was the Turner Bigfoot sighting a hoax? Researcher says he got new information

Bigfoot researcher A.J. Marston inspects a footprint in the woods of Turner in a screenshot from a video made by Marston and Bill Brock.

On Friday, I posted in this space about some video footage, footprints and audio recorded up in Turner which attracted the attention of longtime Bigfoot researcher Bill Brock, a Mainer who hosts the Discovery Channel/Destination America television show “Monsters Underground.” In his initial assessment, Brock told me he was concerned the evidence might be a […]

NBC’s ‘Today’ show discovers acres of hidden sculptures in the Waldoboro woods

(Lincoln County News photo by Eleanor Cade Busby)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy OK, I’ll do it. I’ll start with a typical social media clickbait-type lead-in: This national television news crew stopped in a small Maine town, and you’ll never believe what they found. In all seriousness, Bob Dotson and his Emmy Award-winning “American Story” series […]

Outgoing Bowdoin College president stars in holiday video

It’s been a festive month for outgoing Bowdoin College President Barry Mills, highlighted by a one-minute video featuring Mills and his wife, former Small Business Administration director Karen Mills, wishing the campus community “Happy Holidays.” In the lighthearted, one-minute spot, the Mills add the finishing touches to a giant snowball that has rolled across the wintry […]