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Video showcases Maine teenager living ‘off grid’ in tiny house

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A video featuring a Maine teenager, known only as Jesse, made rounds on Reddit after being posted in late August. Jesse explained that he was living in this tiny house before the trend kicked in. “I didn’t call it a tiny house. I just called it a ‘little cabin,’” he said. “It was years after that that […]

Maine’s Anna Kendrick featured on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

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Our state’s greatest export since blueberries and toothpicks, Anna Kendrick was featured on Fresh Air with Terry Gross on Monday. Kendrick talked about her memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody, released on Nov. 15, and the upcoming second sequel to Pitch Perfect. According to Kendrick, one of the biggest moments of her career was when her song […]

Looking for pictures of rare lobsters? Reddit has you covered

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This post contains links to Reddit threads, where inappropriate language is not moderated.  If you’ve read #Maine over the past few months, you’ve noticed that we regularly read r/Maine to see what people are thinking about our state. Usually they’re asking (covertly) about weed or travel advice. Posted a couple of days ago, a photo of […]

Frenchville had the most fun ‘return of votes cast’ in Maine


Frenchville, just barely in Maine along the northern border with Canada, wasn’t letting this election get them down. A lot of the voters used their available choices, but some opted for some terrific write-ins. Things were fairly normal in terms of presidential candidates, save for NBC’s Chuck Todd receiving a single vote. Emily Cain and […]

Here are three examples of forged inspection stickers that got busted in 2016


This year, we’ve reported on three times Mainers tried to fool police officers with fake inspection stickers. We’ve seen some less-than-stellar art on display, but some very creative attempts, nonetheless. Man accused of trying to pass off piece of Styrofoam as inspection sticker The lines are straight and the state police crest is detailed. This […]

The how-to question Maine Googles more than any other state

Estately, a real estate company has a number of great maps on their blog. Their latest offering, “How-To Questions Each State Googles More Frequently Than Any Other State,” is no different. While Hawaiians are practicing martial arts, Texans are making a deal with the devil and Alabama is struggling with their sex ed homework, we’re having […]