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‘Definitive and final ranking’ calls Maine better than all but one other U.S. state

(Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)

You’ve seen tons of state-by-state rankings out there, judging all of America’s states by their beer, coffee, night lives, farmers markets, restaurants, you name it. Well, lifestyle website decided this week to determine, for once and for all, which states are the best and which ones are the worst. Like, overall. Thrillist calls it […]

Would these Mainers be in your dream band?

Lady Lamb plays at the Kah-Bang festival in Bangor in 2012 (BDN file photo), a news and culture website geared toward millennials, has constructed a list of each state’s “dream band” — that is, bands made up entirely of big name musicians from each state. New Jersey’s “dream band” is comprised of Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra and Paul Simon, along with a couple others, while Texas has […]

Mainers have the shortest workdays in the country. But we’re not couch potatoes, study finds

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The real estate blog Estately, in a data analysis subsequently picked up by the Washington Post, ran the numbers to determine the most and least “lazy” states in America. A study on “couch potato” populations, as both outlets coined it, is on its face somewhat subjective, but Estately’s Ryan Nickum gives it his best shot, […]

How many odd places have you played ping pong in Maine? These John Bapst grads have video proof of 7

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Seven John Bapst Memorial High School graduates have produced a video showing their ping pong prowess at various landmarks throughout Maine. Calling themselves the Maine Film Guys, Adam Grotton, Colby Kohn, Cody Lyons, Tommy Burns, Justin Gagnon, Austin Cyr and Ryan Ward — who all graduated from John Bapst last year — filmed at the University of Maine, Bangor’s Paul […]