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‘Healthy, wealthy and wise?’ When Mainers of each county go to bed and how long they sleep

Sunrise over Spencer Bay on Moosehead Lake in Maine.  (BDN file photo by Linda Coan O'Kresik)

Jawbone, a producer of wearable gadgets like headsets and watch-type fitness trackers, recently released an interactive map showing the average bedtimes of people in every county in America. Take this information for what it’s worth. Jawbone derived these numbers using the times logged by people using their UP sleep tracker devices, so while it’s probably a decent sample […]

Maine’s ‘quality of life’ ranked in the top 10. Why? We have a lot of rooms.

Guests take their seats for a salmon dinner at an in-home theater production in a West End home in Portland in May. (The Forecaster photo by Ben McCanna)

Maine and the communities herein are frequently lauded by national websites and publications for their qualify of life, a somewhat intangible trait our state nonetheless seems to be known for. Even Forbes magazine, which annually and with great aplomb places Maine at the bottom of its business friendliness rankings, acknowledges the state is a nice place to […]