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Can you drive with a dog in your lap? Without a bumper? How Maine traffic laws compare to those of other states

Photo by Rufino Uribe, used under Creative Commons license., a website that reserves parking spaces for European travelers, developed an interactive map of the U.S. states and how their driving laws compare. The site allows users to cycle through 21 behaviors and scenarios and find out whether it’s legal, illegal or “inadvisable” to be driving in each state under those conditions. (“Inadvisable” is defined […]

Where Mainers go for sustenance: Data analysts compare numbers of bars, grocery stores

Bob Bartlett, 71, has a beer during the morning at G&L Fire Escape in Chicago, Illinois, on August 1, 2012. As manufacturing has cut back with varied shifts, bars are cutting back on early hours. (TNS photo)

Map-making and number crunching website FlowingData dug up and updated a 2008 analysis by a previous group on the numbers of bars and grocery stores across the U.S. The exercise, apparently, was to gauge how people in different regions are gaining their sustenance, although it’s not immediately clear why they didn’t also include restaurants, gardens or […]

This is the most ‘unusually popular’ place Mainers are traveling to for Thanksgiving

Sacramento skyline. (Photo by DevinCook, used under Creative Commons License.)

Google Trends sorted through all the destinations people across the U.S. searched for on Google Flights (there’s a Google everything), and found what it called the “most unusually popular domestic” places the travelers from each state plan to visit for Thanksgiving. You may recall a few days ago, we posted’s findings for where most Mainers […]

The Thanksgiving side dish ‘New England is losing its mind over’

Photo by Ben Franske, used under Creative Commons license.

The data analysts at FiveThirtyEight — perhaps best known for their statistical breakdowns of politics and sports — have taken a lighthearted look at people’s Thanksgiving tables this week. They used one of their regular reader surveys to gauge what people around the country are serving for Thanksgiving. To nobody’s surprise, the main dish for […]