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Remember LaVerdiere’s? Thanks to Reddit, it’s now immortalized on Wikipedia

This post contains links to Reddit threads, where inappropriate language is not moderated. Reddit user u/gravitycollapse thought that Wikipedia was missing an important facet of Maine’s past, so he took action. LaVerdiere’s was a pharmacy chain that operated over 70 stores in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. It was loved for its array of products, […]

Video showcases Maine teenager living ‘off grid’ in tiny house

A video featuring a Maine teenager, known only as Jesse, made rounds on Reddit after being posted in late August. Jesse explained that he was living in this tiny house before the trend kicked in. “I didn’t call it a tiny house. I just called it a ‘little cabin,’” he said. “It was years after that that […]

Looking for pictures of rare lobsters? Reddit has you covered

This post contains links to Reddit threads, where inappropriate language is not moderated.  If you’ve read #Maine over the past few months, you’ve noticed that we regularly read r/Maine to see what people are thinking about our state. Usually they’re asking (covertly) about weed or travel advice. Posted a couple of days ago, a photo of […]

EMMC gives kids epic surprise with superheroes cleaning windows

It’s not every day that you see superheroes scaling the walls of a hospital in order to put a much-needed smile on a child’s face, but thanks to the Cleanup Group NE of Winthrop, the kids on the Pediatric floor, Grant 8, at EMMC got quite a fun surprise. On Oct. 26, Thor, The Punisher, […]

A man dressed as a tree was arrested in Portland, and people can’t stop making tree puns A man standing in traffic dressed as a tree was arrested Monday in Portland. Social media jokesters wasted no time. Here are the best/worst comments we saw. If a tree walks in the middle of the street, will it be arrested? The answer is yes in Portland, Maine. #treeman — Mary McGuire […]