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Did Kaci Hickox inspire the new ‘Walking Dead’ spin-off?

Nurse Kaci Hickox speaks with the media outside her home in Fort Kent, Maine last Halloween. (REUTERS PHOTO)

The story of the Maine nurse famous for fighting quarantine orders after treating Ebola victims in Africa might have played a hand in the new spin-off of the zombie apocalypse TV show “The Walking Dead.” The executive producer of “Fear The Walking Dead” — a yet-to-be-released prequel — said the new show focuses on how people deal […]

Bad Parking March Madness — Waterville was a contendah.

Streetsblog USA, a site which aims to connect people with information about sustainable transportation and livable communities, is getting in on the March Madness madness by focusing on terrible parking lots. In this month’s third annual “Parking Madness” competition, the blog has invited readers to seed the bracket by sending in photos “of the sorriest […]