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DeLorme’s Eartha defines ‘cool’ in Maine

According to Yahoo Travel, DeLorme's Eartha is the coolest thing in Maine.

Every state has its must-sees. Those iconic structures or natural formations that define it in the eye of every tourist and traveler. Often it’s the firs thing that pops into your mind whenever that state’s name is mentioned. New York has its Statue of Liberty, Texas has the Alamo, Missouri the St. Louis Arch, South […]

Southern Maine triathlete’s beard makes’s final cut among elite cyclists

It takes a lot to compete head-to-head with world-class cyclists. Athleticism, talent, dedication and a driving will to win. All North Berwick triathlete Vinny Johnson had to do was not shave. With his full beard and winning ways, Johnson has been ranked as having one of the eight  “Best Beards in Cycling” by The professional […]