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The 10 most affordable places to live in Maine

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The finance website has mapped out the country’s most affordable places to live, comparing home buying and home ownership costs — like average property tax bills, homeowners’ insurance and mortgage payments — against median income levels and deriving a composite “affordability index.” The index doesn’t, as far as I can tell, include other costs […]

Washington Post assigns each state a new state song, ‘and I feel fine’ about Maine’s

R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe (Reuters photo)

Back in November, men’s lifestyle website issued what it called the best song for every state, an effort that unimaginatively lunged for the most recent popular song that uttered the word “Maine” and moved on to the next state in its pile. (We were awarded the ditty “Portland, Maine,” released a couple months earlier […]

‘Healthy, wealthy and wise?’ When Mainers of each county go to bed and how long they sleep

Sunrise over Spencer Bay on Moosehead Lake in Maine.  (BDN file photo by Linda Coan O'Kresik)

Jawbone, a producer of wearable gadgets like headsets and watch-type fitness trackers, recently released an interactive map showing the average bedtimes of people in every county in America. Take this information for what it’s worth. Jawbone derived these numbers using the times logged by people using their UP sleep tracker devices, so while it’s probably a decent sample […]