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Science has developed the perfect road trip: Here’s where it stops in Maine

Falmouth town officials view a map of Route One in this 2013 file photo. (The Forecaster file photo)

Earlier this year, Tracy Staedter of Discovery News asked Michigan State University doctoral candidate Randal Olson to use science and mathematics to derive the perfect American road trip. Olson had previously garnered some attention by computing the most efficient way to find Waldo in those “Where’s Waldo?” activity books, charting all the locations where the […]

Maine’s got faster Internet than Mongolia, but not many other places, study finds

Ghengis Khan lays seige on Beijing, probably seeking a good wifi signal, in this 1429 artistic rendering.

Using the results of Akamai Technologies’ new State of the Internet report, the Washington Post today mapped out the states based on relative Internet speeds, with Maine’s average peak speeds of 40.4 megabits-per-second down at No. 40 among the 50 states and Washington, D.C. While Maine’s Internet speeds lagged way behind the nation-leading Delaware, which boasts blazing […]