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‘Healthy, wealthy and wise?’ When Mainers of each county go to bed and how long they sleep

Sunrise over Spencer Bay on Moosehead Lake in Maine.  (BDN file photo by Linda Coan O'Kresik)

Jawbone, a producer of wearable gadgets like headsets and watch-type fitness trackers, recently released an interactive map showing the average bedtimes of people in every county in America. Take this information for what it’s worth. Jawbone derived these numbers using the times logged by people using their UP sleep tracker devices, so while it’s probably a decent sample […]

Maine is the only state in New England where this Halloween costume is No. 1


When it comes to Halloween, Mainers do it differently than our friends in other New England states. The Huffington Post relayed a map this morning developed by SumoCoupon, a website that distributes discount coupons for various stores. SumoCoupon looked at costumes trending in each state, based on what residents in each state are Googling this Halloween […]

Mainers listen to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Spotify more than anyone else

Musician Macklemore poses at the 62nd Annual BMI Pop Awards in California in May. (Reuters photo)

Spotify researcher Paul Lamere is back at it. Back in February, we reported on this blog that Lamere had determined that, based on which bands were streamed in which states most significantly more than the national average, R.E.M. was what Business Insider at the time called Maine’s “favorite band.” Now, Lamere’s latest research, as reported […]

Study: Portland is ‘more happy,’ Bangor is ‘less happy’ and Lewiston is… ‘meh.’

happy snap

With the preponderance of amateur music videos going around set to the Pharrell Williams song “Happy,” it should come as no surprise that there’s some research floating around about where all the happy people truly are in America. Interestingly, according to the latest research by a trio of economists, one of Maine’s latest cities to make […]