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Maine has more hedonists than all but two other states, if our Twitter traffic is to be believed

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The dictionary defines “hedonist” as a “person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification.” The term tends to draw to mind a sort of shallow individual who plays fast and loose with morals, bounces in and out of one-night-stands and parties at all hours. It’s admittedly not as academic a description, […]

Which Maine community tops Anaheim and South Bend as a sports town? It’s not Portland.

UMaine fans (BDN photo by Linda Coan O'Kresik)

Source: WalletHub The everyday ranking site WalletHub is back with another comparison of American cities, this time listing which cities across the country are the best and worst for sports fans. Normally when we hear from WalletHub, it’s because the site’s researchers are releasing broad data analyses comparing states with one another, whether it’s a […]

These are the most embarrassing things Mainers search for on the Internet, site says

Flickr photo by Alexander Parker (Creative Commons - )

The real estate blog Estately sorted through 11 years of Google search data to determine, as The Daily Dot reported, “which terms users in each state Googled more than any other.” Then, breaking from its track record of applying some kind of mathematical analysis of those terms, Estately researchers picked out what they felt were the most […]

Finance company ranks Maine counties and their handling of tax dollars in one interactive map

A view of downtown Ellsworth is seen from the end of Indian Point Trail. (BDN photo by Aislinn Sarnacki)

The financial modeling company SmartAsset used a simple formula to determine which counties across America are spending tax dollars most effectively. Go to to cycle through the Maine counties and the analysts’ data on an interactive map. Like I noted above, the firm approached the question of effective tax use in a very basic […]