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Brewer kid sticks landing on Internet’s most epic bottle flip

Move over, senior high school student in North Carolina, Brewer High School student, Brandon Morneault has just landed the most epic bottle flip that will have even deeply annoyed parents amused. As if this could get any more epic, this kid landed it ON HIS FIRST TRY. I’ll step back and let that sink in for a […]

You can order your candidate ‘to go’ in downtown Bangor

If you haven’t voted yet, then you still have time as polls in Maine don’t close until 8:00 p.m. but if you’re feeling itchy to get feel some immediate satisfaction after getting your voice heard then head over to The Friars’ Bakehouse in downtown Bangor where you can order your candidate ‘to go.’ The prices are a […]

EMMC gives kids epic surprise with superheroes cleaning windows

It’s not every day that you see superheroes scaling the walls of a hospital in order to put a much-needed smile on a child’s face, but thanks to the Cleanup Group NE of Winthrop, the kids on the Pediatric floor, Grant 8, at EMMC got quite a fun surprise. On Oct. 26, Thor, The Punisher, […]