New Hampshire residents are way worse at faking inspection stickers than Mainers

Faking inspection stickers is a common practice that often shows a lack of sense and artistic aptitude. This attempt from a New Hampshire resident who was stopped recently was quite cheesy — literally.

This small album was posted on Alexandria New Hampshire Police Facebook page yesterday.

My trained eye knows a Hannaford sign when I see it. For those who didn’t know, Cooper Cracked Pepper Sharp Cheese is on sale for 4.99 a pound until July 8. I’d check your local Hannaford so you don’t have to drive down to New Hampshire and get that deal.

Alexandria Police wrote in a comment that they “were equally surprised to find out that Hannafords was now issuing inspection stickers.”

We recently did a roundup of three of Maine’s best attempts at false inspections.

Here’s a reminder of the law around fake inspection stickers in Maine:

1. Display of fictitious certificate.  A person commits a Class E crime if that person displays or permits to be displayed on a vehicle a certificate of inspection knowing the certificate to be fictitious or issued to another vehicle or issued without an inspection having been made.

And a reminder of how well you can do with five minutes, a pen and some paper.

Perhaps instead of the emphasis on arts and crafts, the emphasis should be on obeying the law.