This ‘ice carousel’ covered in snowmobiles may be the most quintessentially Maine thing ever recorded

As you know, we like to cover things that are uniquely Maine on this blog. It cannot get anymore “Maine” than an ice carousel in The County.

The man in the video, posted by Snowmobile Northern Maine and taken on Long Lake in Sinclair, said that some people carved the circle out and he brought the back up motor. If you didn’t notice in the video, someone brought some friends and some adult beverages.

The engineering is sound and the beer is cold, just another day in The County. Here’s another angle of the carousel:

This is most exciting news to come out of The County for awhile.

In my history of posts, there is only one post that rivals this in amount of “Maine,” and it has to be the diver recovering two bottles of Allen’s when recovering a sunken ATV.