Maine’s most ‘disproportionately popular job’ is easy to guess

BDN File Photo

Business Insider published a report on Tuesday that showed each states “most disproportionally popular” job based on Bureau of Labor statistics. Some of these jobs are a little more obvious than others, especially in the case of Maine.

The map shows the job in each state with the highest location quotient, among jobs with at least 1,000 people employed. These jobs exist at much higher rates in each state than in the country.

If you haven’t guessed by the thumbnail photo, Maine’s most disproportionally popular job is “loggers.” We share that job with Oregon, home of The Other Portland.

In a report from late March, the BDN’s Darren Fishell described Maine’s forestry industry as “sagging.”

Their methodology is explained by Business Insider’s Andy Kiersz:

These are not the most common jobs in these states. That map would be boring because “retail salesperson” is the most common job in 40 states and the country.

For example, in New York, there were about 7,590 fashion designers out of 9,097,650 employed people. So fashion designers account for about 8.3 out of every 10,000 jobs in New York.

In the US, there are about 19,230 fashion designers out of 140,400,040 employed people. So about 1.4 of every 10,000 jobs in America are in fashion design…The location quotient of fashion designers in New York is 8.3 divided by 1.4, which is about six. That is, there are about six times as many fashion designers per 10,000 total employed people in New York as in the US.

Some of the more interesting disproportionate jobs in the country are roustabouts (casual laborers, according to the dictionary) in North Dakota, book binders in Minnesota, and upholsterers in Mississippi.

For a full look at the article and the map, visit Business Insider.