New Gloucester Fire Rescue parodies Ludacris’s ‘Area Codes,’ internet snickers

Usually when people talk about the New Gloucester Fire Rescue, they’re talking about an emergency. Today, people are talking about them for a different reason: a rap music video.

Connor Boucher, an employee at NGFR, was the mastermind behind the parody. Using inspirations from Ludacris and Nate Dogg’s “Area Codes,” Boucher creates a double entendre with fire hose.

The five-minute video includes valuable fire safety information and a call for volunteers.

“Come on down to 611 Lewiston Road,” Boucher rhymes. “Sign up, volunteer, see the trucks, see the hose.”

The video was posted on YouTube and Facebook, where it has around 352,000 views. The Facebook post is promoting the hashtag “#GetConnorOnEllen.”

It looks like Spose finally has some competition for the title “Maine’s most famous rapper.” The good news is that when Boucher releases his hot new mixtape, he won’t have to call the fire department.