U.S. News names Massachusetts the best state in America. It must be a misprint.

Courtesy of Reuters

Courtesy of Reuters

In an event more unlikely than the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl after being down by three touchdowns at halftime, U.S. News has named Massachusetts the top state in America.

U.S. News wrote this of the Bay State:

“Its vibrant academic environment, innovative and supportive health care policies and modernizing economy, measure for measure, make this small New England powerhouse with a population of 6.8 million the strongest state of all.”

The method used allegedly compiles data and ranks states 1 to 50 in health care, education, crime and correction, infrastructure, opportunity, economy and government. The full methodology can be found here.

Driving aptitude, noticeably, was not included in the methodology.

Maine must be second, then? No, that’s New Hampshire. Third? Nope, Minnesota. Maine comes in at a respectable 18th. That’s mostly because of our economy, ranked 42nd.

Maine ranked particularly well in two areas: crime and correction and opportunity, placing second and third, respectively. We finished behind every state in New England aside from Rhode Island, which placed 21st. Vermont finished 10th and Connecticut in 12th.

I’m choosing to think that U.S. News had an Oscars moment and Massachusetts isn’t courteous enough to give us the award. What do you think?