12 signs that spell the end of winter, the arrival of spring in Maine

Now that I’ve seen people running on the street in short sleeves and shorts, I think that means the worst part of winter is over. We just have a few more weeks of wind chill and sorrow before the sun shines on us in all its glory.

Here are a few more signs that mean spring is coming.

Potholes are back with a vengeance.
People are wearing shorts because it’s practically summer.
Bean Boots are back in stock, but everyone still waits until winter to buy them.
Every tree that can be tapped for syrup is tapped.
You take the ice scraper out of your vehicle.
The number of bearded men dwindles.
Snowblowers are replaced by mowers at hardware stores.
You get the sun for more than a few hours.
Forgotten items begin to reappear in the thaw.