Map shows what injury Mainers most file insurance claims for

Between the ice and the snow we see during Maine winters, injuries are an inevitability. Have you ever wondered what injury occurs more in Maine than anywhere else?


A map created by digital health firm Amino shows which injuries are the “most disproportionately common” in each state. In Maine, it’s a broken ankle. U.S. Sen. Susan Collins knows this all too well, she broke her ankle after slipping on ice in December.

Three of the Four Corners have a problem with suffocation while some of the northern states see a number of spine dislocations. I’ll take a broken ankle over those any day.

Amino also found that open wounds are the most common physical injury in Maine. Here are some other outliers from that data set.

  • “Near-drowning” diagnoses are 6.2 times more common in Hawaii than they are nationally. This makes sense for the only state completely surrounded by water, and it seems to be in line with the state’s data.
  • “Animal-drawn vehicle accident” diagnoses (which include riding an animal) are disproportionately common in five states: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Nebraska. Surprisingly, there were nearly 43,000 “animal-drawn vehicle accidents” in our national data from 2012 to 2016. More than 1,000 occurred in Nebraska alone.
  • “Unarmed fight or brawl” is disproportionately common in New York. There were 295,797 “unarmed fight or brawls” diagnoses in our national data, and 35,000 occurred in New York. That means New York accounts for more than 10% of medically documented fist fights in America.

For more fun facts, head over to their blog post.