Mainers took to Reddit to vent about having to work yesterday

BDN | Micky Bedell

BDN | Micky Bedell

Reddit is not moderated for explicit language. Company names mentioned in the thread have been removed from our post. 

Our friends over at r/Maine shared their feelings about having to work during the snowstorm yesterday. A few of them were rightfully unhappy.

Insurance company, 2 hour delay. How generous of them! Of all the companies that should understand how dangerous it is to drive in this s—, you would think they would understand. Nope! – u/93_vector

Some lucky souls got out of work, but offered their takes.

I work for an oil company and haul fuel for a living. We pull everything off the roads in s— like this.

I’m sitting in front of the wood stove listening to the scanner. – u/Snotrockett

One made the best of the snowstorm.

“I’m actually having a blast today working. I drive a deliver truck (just a Chevy Colorado for an auto parts store) and I just got done bustin some donuts at the old church parking lot.

If we gotta work, might as well make the best of it.” – u/mmmmpork

Let’s enjoy our day without snow before a new storm hits us tomorrow into Thursday. Make sure your shovels aren’t buried.