Mainers are very curious about alternative facts, according to new data

Some of the language that appears in this map is not safe for work. 

People have been Googling up a storm since Donald Trump won the presidential election in November. Our friends over at Estately presented this map with what each state googled more than any other state this election.


Mainers were most curious about Kellyanne Conway’s criticized comments regarding “alternative facts.” By looking at other state’s searches, it’s easy to see which states fell red or blue.

Here are the rest of New England’s most popular unique searches:

CONNECTICUT:  Rex Tillerson Secretary of State / What are refugees? / Laura Ingraham

MAINE:  Kellyanne Conway alternative facts / Sean spicer conference / Did Obama ban refugees? / Trump inauguration protests / Emoluments Clause

MASSACHUSETTS:  dabbing Paul Ryan / Paul Ryan survey / Monica Crowley plagiarism / protest sign ideas / Clinton blames Comey

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Breitbart News / How to stop Trump? / Pizzagate / alt National Park Service / plutocracy / petition electoral college

RHODE ISLAND:  Golden Shower / Sean Spicer / What is pizzagate? / Michael Flynn / Trump impeachment odds / kleptocracy

VERMONT:  Donald Trump / Trump protests / 1984 / Steve Bannon / Intersectionality / Richard Spencer punched / Richard Spencer punched again / Executive order / Planned Parenthood / Southern Poverty Law Center / fake news / impeachment / human rights / Madonna women’s march / boycott / How to move to Canada?

It looks like Vermont was very active in this time period, while Pennsylvania takes home the dirtiest search history award.