#Maine turned three today, here are our ten most popular posts

#Maine has been providing you direct access to Maine’s footprint on the internet for over a thousand days now. We’ve curated our top ten most viewed posts, reminding us what a strange trip it’s been.

‘The most convincing evidence since Patterson-Gimlin’: Does this Maine video show proof of Bigfoot? by Seth Koenig

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I’m glad they didn’t send me out into the woods for this one, even though owls are actually confirmed to exist.

‘The strangest abandoned place’ in Maine is unlike the ones in other states by Seth Koenig

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Seth Koenig writes:

Here is an excerpt from that piece, which was written by Matthew LaRoche, superintendent of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway:

“Nestled deep in the Maine Woods near the northwest end of Chamberlain Lake sit the rusting hulks of two large steam powered locomotives. The trains are remnants of the industrial revolution in an area so remote that it was more practical to park the engines when operations ended than it was to bring them out of the woods.”

The 10 most affordable places to live in Maine by Seth Koenig

Seth Koenig writes:

The finance website SmartAsset.com has mapped out the country’s most affordable places to live, comparing home buying and home ownership costs — like average property tax bills, homeowners’ insurance and mortgage payments — against median income levels and deriving a composite “affordability index.”

Website ranks Maine’s 10 ‘most dangerous’ cities by Seth Koenig

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I won’t spoil the list for you.

Crews remove 10 tons of ‘stuff’ from Maine home in episode of TV show ‘Hoarders’ by Seth Koenig

Seth Koenig writes:

The identity of the homeowner and most other details about the episode can’t be released until that airing, but Kevin Gove of Auburn-based Rinck Advertising hinted at the scale of the effort Thursday, telling reporters in an email that “the ServiceMaster crew removed close to 20,000 pounds of stuff from only a few rooms of the house over three days.”

Maine restaurant named one of the most romantic in America by Tony Reaves

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Tony Reaves took some shots at other states while reporting on a Kennebunk restaurant’s status as one of the most romantic restaurants in the country.

One Maine town is counted among America’s 19 ‘most beautiful’ by Seth Koenig

If I gave you five guesses, you’d probably get it.

Maine kid’s ‘words of wisdom’ go viral on the Internet by Seth Koenig

Seth Koenig writes:

According to WBLM sister station WCYY and the Sun Journal, Peters is a 17-year-old native of Lee. With his high voice and thick Maine accent, Peters has charmed thousands of people with his matter-of-fact monologues on how to “cut some timbah,” why he “wants to be a NAS-cah drivah” or the merits of “drinkin’ Moxie.”

The top 10 movies with scenes filmed in Maine; did you know these actors had worked here? by Seth Koenig

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Seth Koenig writes:

The following represents a list of the top 10 movies, in terms of their respective box office hauls, in which at least a portion of the filming was done in Maine. As you’ll see below, in some cases, it’s a very small portion.

Crew from new adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” in Bangor to scope out potential filming locations by Emily Burnham

What’s a #Maine list without a mention of Stephen King? Emily Burnham writes:

While nothing is set in stone and no official announcements have been made by anyone associated with the film, Stu Tinker, owner and operator of SK Tours, the official Stephen King tour of Bangor, took a production designer from the upcoming Hollywood two-part remake of King’s “It” on a tour of the city on Monday.

Here’s to many more years of tomfoolery.