LePage weighs in on Twitter over Linda Bean controversy

The controversy over President-elect Trump giving support to Linda Bean had some fresh gas thrown on the fire Thursday as Gov. Paul LePage blasted progressives for boycotting L.L. Bean products.

Here is the tweet from LePage.

So many people are tweeting about it that at the time of this post “Linda Bean” is the number one trending topic and #llbean is number six. Here are some more highlights.

Here is Linda Bean “sounding off on anti-Trump protestors”

Here is someone doing some math.

The founder of Grab Your Wallet, who kind of started all of this, is popping some popcorn and grabbing a front row seat.

 This guy isn’t going to let what Trump said change his mind about L.L. Bean.

 This person who really loves her slippers.

We’ll keep you posted as this saga plays on.