Remember LaVerdiere’s? Thanks to Reddit, it’s now immortalized on Wikipedia

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Reddit user u/gravitycollapse thought that Wikipedia was missing an important facet of Maine’s past, so he took action.

LaVerdiere’s was a pharmacy chain that operated over 70 stores in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. It was loved for its array of products, especially Halloween and Christmas items, as well as the arcade that accompanied the stores, Action Family Arcade.

In a thread named “LaVerdiere’s didn’t have a wikipedia page, so I started one”, he wrote:

I just spent two hours of my life in the LaVerdiere’s rabbit hole, just because I was surprised there wasn’t a wikipedia entry for it. Now there is.

Growing up, we used to go to the Action Family Arcade there (two free tokens on Sundays!), and play games. I’ve asked a couple of people with photos online if it’s cool to use snaps of the store.

If anyone else had citable references for the history of the store (i.e., where the first one was located, who was the founder, etc.), that would be cool. It would be nice if the page had a History section with some of that info in there.

Asking around the office, there were lots of fond memories of LaVerdiere’s, mostly of this commercial from 1992. It’s a cult classic, much like the Bangor Savings Bank’s Christmas Kittens.

I really like this one from 1989. You don’t get this money-back guarantee on Halloween candy anywhere.

There seems to be only one LaVerdiere’s location left in Maine, and it’s in China. If you have any citable knowledge of LaVerdiere’s, go update the Wikipedia page. If you just have stories, you can leave those here.