Six Amazon Dash Buttons that Mainers need

Dash buttons have been growing in popularity since Amazon rolled them out in March of last year. The device is simple: Press the button, and you’ve ordered a product. Right now, all of Amazon’s Dash Buttons are $4.99, but that amount is refunded when you make your first order.

We’ve noticed, however, that some of Mainers’ favorite products weren’t offered as Dash Buttons. Through the magic of crude photo editing, here they are:

1. Moxie


Moxie’s dash button would be a hit with Mainers and out-of-staters who can’t find the product locally. Just make sure it’s not an antique six-pack you’re ordering. 

2. Quick-melt salt

Morton Road Salt

It gets slippery on the front step when the temperatures drop. Make sure you’re stocked up with quick-melting salt to keep your traction.

3. B&M Baked Beans


What better than a can of Portland-packed baked beans during a nor’easter?

4. Wool socks


You have L.L. Bean boots to keep you dry, so, naturally, you need wool socks to keep you warm.

5. Bug spray


There’s nothing worse about summer in Maine than mosquitoes and black flies. One press of a button, and you’ll be comfortable at camp.
6. Windshield wipers

Rain X

Between all the rain and snow, our windshield wipers take a beating. I might press this button every time the seasons change.

Are there any products you find yourself needing on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments.