7 things to do while waiting in line on Election Day

REUTERS/Jonathan Drake/File Photo

REUTERS/Jonathan Drake/File Photo

By Tuesday, all this election nonsense will end and we will know who the president of the United States will be. Then your Facebook friends can complain about that for a few weeks!

For all of you doing your civic duty, you might have to wait a little to get your chance to vote. In Portland, over 14,000 citizens showed up to cast their vote, a sizable increase from the 7,123 in 2012.

Here are some ideas to kill some time while you wait in line.

  • Read up on candidate’s positions

Some people might be so overwhelmed by the cyclone of Presidential coverage that the candidate’s positions on issues might have gotten muddled. Do some research and maybe take a quiz to remind yourself where you stand.

  • Find a new favorite phone app

If you have a smartphone, take a break from reading the Bangor Daily News, and kill some time with a game. The most popular free game on the Apple App Store is PinOut, a pinball game. Some favorites around the office are Two Dots, Flip Diving and Candy Crush Saga.

  • Make a new friend

You’re most likely going to be standing in front of or behind someone you don’t know. Talk to them about anything other than politics, because that might get ugly. Here are some tips on talking to strangers.

  • Find a restaurant or a recipe for dinner

You might get hungry in that line, so figure out what you’re going to do for dinner. Whether you’re going to pick up a pizza at Tri-City, sit down at Blaze or cook a nice roast, you’re going to need a plan. TripAdvisor and AllRecipes can help.

If you want to wait in a line for dinner too, try Chick-fil-A in Bangor.

  • Do some holiday shopping

Get a quick jump on the holidays before the rest of your friends and family. Amazon might have some deals or you can try to save some money on eBay.

  • Bring some cross words or sudoku

You can get one of these books at a gas station and keep yourself entertained for hours. You can ask the people around you for help. If you just want to do crosswords on your phone, download an app or go here.

  • Clean up your Facebook profile

Delete some particularly verbose friends before the results are final and save yourself a headache or two. The new “On This Day” feature can help your clear out your own unsavory moments from the past.

If you show up early, maybe you could skip the line. But, if you work on Tuesdays, you might need to develop some other strategies. Good luck out there.