Here are three examples of forged inspection stickers that got busted in 2016

This year, we’ve reported on three times Mainers tried to fool police officers with fake inspection stickers. We’ve seen some less-than-stellar art on display, but some very creative attempts, nonetheless.

Man accused of trying to pass off piece of Styrofoam as inspection sticker


The lines are straight and the state police crest is detailed. This one lost me at the blue gel pen bar code.

Livermore Falls police bust woman for fake inspection sticker

Livermore falls

This is my personal favorite because it’s on the back of a fine payment reminder.

Maine man accused of trying to pass off food carton as inspection sticker


I know you don’t really see an inspection sticker from far away, but surely they could have done better than a blue carton with white writing.

I tried my hand at some arts and crafts in the BDN office today. Before I show you my attempt at a fake inspection sticker, I’d like to remind you of Maine’s legislation on fake stickers. Per the Maine Legislature’s website:

1. Display of fictitious certificate.  A person commits a Class E crime if that person displays or permits to be displayed on a vehicle a certificate of inspection knowing the certificate to be fictitious or issued to another vehicle or issued without an inspection having been made.

Class E crimes are punishable by up to six months incarceration and a $1,000 fine in Maine.

In five minutes, using a pen, a blue sticky note and a scrap of white paper, I was able to produce this.


I’m not proud of the Maine State Police Crest, but I think I did better than some of our examples.