Insider video features Skowhegan’s struggle and renaissance

Insider, an offshoot of Business Insider, published a video to their Facebook page on Monday featuring Skowhegan’s past struggle and renaissance.

The video starts with Amber Lambke, the owner of a grist mill and seemingly the central figure of Skowhegan’s rebuild. Her grains have been used around the city, namely at Bigelow Brewing Company, which is also featured.

Skowhegan has been hit hard by the loss in manufacturing jobs. Maine’s loss in manufacturing is higher than the national average, leading to a lower than average average income, according to the video.

“I don’t believe that the answer to creating jobs in Skowhegan is attracting the next big industry which is going to transplant itself here and scoop up a bunch of workers,” Lambke said in the video. “I believe that we’ll create meaningful jobs and meaningful products if we take what we’re proud of and what we can do and build an industry around that.”