It’s National Drink Beer Day. Here are the 10 best Maine brews

Allagash Brewing Company's Farm to Face

Allagash Brewing Company’s Farm to Face

My Twitter feed has informed me that it’s National Drink Beer Day! What a momentous occasion!

Breweries are popping up all over Maine, creating some very well-respected beers. So, before you crack open a Bud Light, here’s a list of the 10 best beers brewed in Maine, according to Beer Advocate’s reviewers.

Dinner, while a strange name for a beer (it’s an upgrade from Lunch, which also made this list), has a nearly perfect score with Beer Advocate users. Many users have reported that it’s hard to find, but all have enjoyed the Double IPA.

Swish, another Double IPA, received a world-class rating from reviewers. Further, the Alstrom brothers thought it was “very good.” They can be tough on beers they don’t like. 

Epiphany has a stellar score of 98 from users and a 96 from the Alstrom brothers. Reviewers noted that this Double IPA is smooth for its eight percent ABV.

Allagash Coolship Red is the first non-IPA on the list, receiving a 96 from reviewers and a perfect score from the Alstrom Brothers. Users loved the tart raspberry flavor.

The Maine Beer Company follows up Dinner with Lunch IPA. It received a 96 from reviewers and a 94 from the Alstrom brothers.

The Bissell Brothers are back with an IPA that received a 96 from users, but doesn’t rank as high because it has only 50 reviews.

Farm to Face, an American Wild Ale brewed with three pounds of peaches, got a 96 on 101 reviews from users. As well as being a top 10 beer on Beer Advocate, it was called Maine’s best craft beer in First We Feast’s state-by-state breakdown.

Allagash’s Gueuze follows up Farm to Face with a 95 from reviewers and a perfect score from the Alstrom brothers. Reviewers noted lemon flavors at first, with a buttery cracker finish.

Maine Beer Company makes another appearance with an American Pale Ale that was rated a 95 by users. Users enjoyed the beer’s passionfruit, guava and resinous pine flavors.

Another One is the fourth beer from Maine Beer Company and the last on our list. It has a score of 95 on 205 reviews. This American IPA is flavored with citrus and users like the tangy finish.