Here are six things Mainers should look for during the presidential debate



Hofstra University students playing the roles of the candidates and moderator go through a rehearsal for the first U.S. presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, on Sept. 25, 2016. Left to right are Joseph Burch, Christian Stewart and Caroline Mullen. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

One of the most polarizing presidential races will accelerate tonight in an undoubtedly entertaining debate. Here are some things that Mainers should look for during the debate.

  • Affordable housing

Affordable housing is a problem that faces low-income Mainers. In Portland, the housing crisis has hit a boiling point with some citizens.

  • Cost of tuition

Students across the state have protested the cost of tuition at state universities, despite the recent tuition freeze for the University of Maine system.

  • Drugs

Maine’s drug crisis has touched every corner of the state. It’s caused a lot of polarizing commentary. 

  • Environment

Maine is one of 25 states defending the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. As laid out in today’s Daily Brief, proponents of the plan say Maine suffers unfair environmental damage caused by pollutants produces in Rust Belt states that are borne by winds from the west, damaging our environment

There are 27 states who are against the plan, saying that it will cause them undue financial burden.

  • Immigration

Trump shared his view on Maine’s immigrants during a campaign stop in Portland. Angus King said banning immigrants would come at a “terrible cost.”

  • Job creation/protection

Bath Iron Works announced last week that it would lay off 30 people on the way to eliminating 160 positions. Maine’s paper mills have been losing jobs steadily, and some are blaming the demise on free trade agreements. Mainers should keep an eye out for who will protect U.S. jobs in increasingly global markets.

The debate will start at 9 p.m., and will be streamed live on the BDN website, accompanied by reaction from throughout the state..