Where do the most moose get harvested in Maine?

The first hunting period for moose starts on Sept. 26. Permitted hunters will head straight for their preferred hunting spots and attempt to harvest a moose.

Don’t have a spot yet? We compiled a list of places where the most moose were harvested, according to Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife data from 2015.

  1. T17, R2– 32 harvests
  2. Allagash – 23 harvests
  3. T15, R10 – 22 harvests
  4. T5, R15 – 21 harvests
  5. T15, R5 – 20 harvests
  6. T15, R12 – 19 harvests
  7. MadawaskaT12, R9T14, R12T2, R4 – 18 harvests

If you’re a native to the Bangor Area and don’t want to travel up north or out west, there’s still hope, because one moose was harvested in Bradley in 2015.

Here’s a map of the aforementioned hunting meccas: