These guys kissed a moose in Alaska, but we have much cooler moose here

Popular Youtube channel Brave Wilderness posted this video from their latest expedition to Alaska in which the whole crew kissed a moose.

The video racked up a million views since Sept. 9 and was featured on YouTube’s trending list. 

Here at the Bangor Daily News, we’ve had our fair share of moose themed stories and videos. Here are three of our best light-hearted moose-related pieces.

2013 Maine Moose Calling Championships

Here the highlights from the 2013 Moose Calling Championship, which is an actual event that happens in Maine.

Maine moose trots, does a little dance and freaks this girl right out in a viral video

A very fleet-footed moose stumbles while running away from a car.

Moose freed after being caught in Camden building

“It never got real aggressive. Once it ran down the wrong hallway and got cornered — and it got a little agitated.”