Twitter maps out every state’s favorite ice cream flavor. Here’s Maine’s and what it says about us

The quick-draw social media service Twitter analyzed 30 million of its 140-character Tweets to determine the most popular ice cream flavors in each of the 50 states.

Coffee came out on top in 17 states, more than any other flavor, followed by cookie dough with 15 states. Brownie is the most popular in 10 states — including Nevada, where residents Tweet more about ice cream the most — and strawberry is king of cone in four states.

You can see the full map by clicking here.

So what about Maine?

Mainers like mint chocolate chip the best, according to our Twitter traffic. Maine is one of only three states, along with New Jersey and Delaware, to favor the flavor.

Twitter conducted its analysis between March 1 and May 18 of this year — a window that could broadly be described as the start of ice cream season across the country, although some of us eat it all year long.

And there is a caveat to this whole Twitter study.

Food & Wine magazine explains:

“In case you’re wondering what happened to good ol’ reliable chocolate and vanilla, they were the ‘control group,’ a.k.a. the flavors that are always most Tweeted about –with chocolate inching out vanilla to rule the twittersphere.”

That means, generally speaking, chocolate and vanilla are the most popular flavors everywhere, so the analysis drilled down to find the second most popular flavor in each state in order to see how tastes are actually different across the country. Get it?

Interestingly, ice cream maker Baskin Robbins a few years ago partnered with a smell and taste expert to figure out which personality types gravitate toward different flavors of ice cream.

The video above describes some of the findings of that study, and warns: “Steer clear of those feasting on mint chocolate chip … unless, of course, you like argumentative or pessimistic people.”

The Today Show called the few holdouts among the 50 states to dig in on the side of mint “rebels,” so maybe we’re just happy to buck the trends and do our own thing.