Website’s ‘ultimate terrifying Maine road trip’ promises to ‘haunt your dreams’

The website Only In Your State, a factory of listicles and other shareable posts with local appeal, mapped out what it called the “ultimate terrifying Maine road trip.”

The route runs the gamut of scary stops, from places that are reportedly haunted, to the site of a bloody shootout, to old buildings that just have that spooky je ne sais quois.

You can find the 192-mile, roughly four-and-a-half-hour road trip all mapped out on Google here.

road trip

The pathway includes visits to Stephen King’s dark mansion of a home in Bangor, as well as the downtown site of a bloody 1937 shootout between federal agents and notorious gangster Al Brady.

The road trip travels along a stretch of Route 11 allegedly haunted by the ghost of a new bride who died in a crash there 50 years ago, as well as Route 2A through the Haynesville Woods, a treacherous road made famous in the hit 1965 song “A Tombstone Every Mile” by Dick Curless.

Among the six other locations on the 10-point list is the Bucksport grave of town founder Jonathan Buck, whose stone was cursed with the mysterious image of a witch’s foot, according to lore.

Click here to see all the sights listed on the road trip.

For a rundown of some of Maine’s other famed ghost stories, see this multimedia series put out by BDN features editor Sarah Walker Caron and her team.

What other scary spots would you include on a road trip like this? The Strand Cinema in Skowhegan, perhaps? The Kennebunk Inn? Leave your suggestions in the comments below or on Facebook.