Only 4 states are more ‘enthused’ about marijuana than Maine, this list says

Maine is one of the most pot-loving states in America, according to the blog. More than California. More than even Vermont(!).

Estately, a real estate site, complies rankings of states based on a series of criteria they make up. A recent one said Mainers had very little in common with Donald Trump, which included the number of businesses per capita offering spray tans.



The pot list ranks states by percentage of marijuana users, the affordability of marijuana, the number of cannabis-related Google searches, whether pot has been legalized and how many people are fans of marijuana-themed publications’ Facebook pages.

The top two states, no surprise, are Colorado and Washington, both of which have legalized recreational marijuana.

Portland’s marijuana legalization ordinance was no doubt a big help with this list, as was the price of marijuana. Estately uses as its source. That site lets people submit the price and quality of their latest marijuana purchase and ranks Maine as one of the more affordable states.

“This is going to shock a lot of people in Vermont,” Estately writes of Maine’s ranking. Citing the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Estately says more than 10.2 percent of Mainers admit to having smoked pot in the past month, the third highest of any state.