Maine animators return with another YouTube science lesson

About nine months ago, the Maine animation duo behind O’Chang Comics released a cartoon explaining some of the science behind how warming oceans may be driving lobsters north. That popular YouTube post followed a previous O’Chang cartoon about how invasive green crabs are menacing the state’s soft-shell clam population.

Combined, those previous two videos have been viewed on YouTube more than 30,000 times.

Now, the cartoonists — who also produce less academic, but still entertaining pieces like the popular “Temp Tales” series — are back with another environmental lesson for Mainers to pass around on social media (above).

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In the latest piece, O’Chang tackles the issue of ocean acidification, how record levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are being absorbed by the waters of the Gulf of Maine, lowering the pH levels and dissolving the shells of valuable shellfish and crustaceans.

See the video above for a more entertaining explanation of the science.

If you missed the previous videos, about warming oceans or green crabs, you can click here or get started with the one below.