Oops: Bangor news anchor drops accidental f-bomb

Aww, that was awkward. WABI anchor John Krinjak was doing a live preview of upcoming news stories Sunday evening when he said a word wrong and followed with, “F***, sorry.”

The short clip ends with Krinjak stepping halfway out of frame, then back in with a pained expression.

WABI replied to a comment on the station’s Facebook wall Monday explaining the incident.

“We are so sorry you and our other viewers had to be exposed to that. What you saw was actually recorded. The reporter flubbed words, so he had to do at least three takes. It was supposed to air Saturday night, not Sunday. And that version was definitely not supposed to hit air at all. It is unprofessional to use such language, especially around any camera or microphone. It shouldn’t have happened.”

The clip, posted to Facebook by eagle-eyed viewer Karl Stutzman, already has more than 100 shares less than 12 hours after it was posted.

Stutzman writes that the clip was aired twice, and that he recorded the second airing.

We say give John a break on this one. Who hasn’t sworn at work? Most of us don’t have to worry about every accidental “F” word being broadcast on TV.