New England school announces snow day with viral Adele parody

With some messy overnight precipitation and heavier snowfall in the morning, hundreds of Maine schools, government offices and businesses announced they would stay closed on Friday.

But none — that we’re aware of, anyway — did so with the flair of Rhode Island’s Moses Brown School, whose Head of School Matt Glendinning recorded a parody of Adele’s smash hit “Hello” to inform students Friday’s classes had been canceled.

This isn’t the first time Glendinning has used popular music to announce a snow day. About a year ago, his class-cancellation parody of “Let It Go” — the signature song from the animated musical “Frozen” — went viral with nearly 4 million views, earning coverage by ABC News and People magazine, among many others.

Check that one out below:

And students at another New England school — Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School in Massachusetts — made creative use of the same Adele song for this snow day parody of the mind-bending movie “Inception.”

In this one, the students dive into the dreams of their headmaster, like in the aforementioned movie, to plant the idea that he should cancel classes.

Once they’re in their headmaster’s mind, though, they have to stumble through his goofy fantasies, like starring in a music video and then in a 90s sitcom.