How the web reacted to Bangor’s Sarah Parcak on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

Space archaeologist Sarah Parcak is well-known in her native Bangor and among most people with an interest in archaeology or TED talks, but Stephen Colbert on Friday night introduced her to a whole new audience on “The Late Show.”

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Even for Colbert fans used to seeing interesting authors and scientists along with the usual celebrity guests, Parcak was a breath of fresh air.

Here’s the video:

On YouTube, the interview had hundreds of comments from Parcak’s new fans.

“Thank you Steven. Your late night format/guest choice has allowed me to see things I might never have gone out of my way to see. This is so fascinating,” wrote Josh S.

“This is freaking fascinating.” – Eiko Pumpkin

“We need more people like Sarah and less people like the Kardashians.” -Dinko B

“Colbert has the best guests!” – NerdSync

“Love the guests! Keep it up with the varied and intelligent people on the show!” – Aaron Hurd

“I’m so glad I watched this interview. She is amazing!” – jerome go

And my favorite:

“Every time I’m about to completely lose faith in humanity, I discover people like Sarah Parcak.” – Jack Fuller

With the exception of one guy who misspelled “Stephen,” these might be the most grammatically correct comments in YouTube’s history.

‘Proud of you!’

On the BDN’s Facebook post,

“Just to think Sarah was in our basement preparing for the Odyssey of the mind competition… A few years back!” wrote Joyce Henckler.

“So very proud of our Maine native Dr. Sarah Parcak. I’ve seen programs about her work in Egypt and they are fantastic.” – Nancy Nett

“Proud of you, Sarah!” – Rose Marie Curtis

One guy even claims he was her prom date in 1996. We have not confirmed this.

If you want to hear more about her work, here are two videos where she explains “space archaeology” in greater detail.

In this video, Parcak discusses how a girl from Bangor grew up to become a pioneering archaeologist:

Here she is in a National Geographic video explaining how she maps looted sites: