More Mainers are Googling this Black Friday item than any other

One great thing about Google’s search trends feature is its ability to get a look into the psyche of a city or state. The all-knowing Google can show you what people in a region are searching for without the self-censorship you see in surveys and social media.

Today, Vox released a map with the top Black Friday searches for every state, and Maine’s was a little surprising. Carhartt pants? Nope, that was Washington. And New Hampshire, where apparently people aren’t sleeping well, was the only state whose top search was for white noise machines. About one-third of states had some kind of boot as their top pick (if you count Uggs as boots).

But in Maine, the top search was for bathing suits.

Maybe that’s not too surprising, given that we learned last week that Florida is the most popular vacation destination for Mainers.

View the full interactive map here.