This band best represents Maine, entertainment site says

Tip of the cap here to Portland alternative rock radio station WCYY, 94.3 FM, for first reporting the findings of entertainment website UPROXX‘ research into which band best represent each of the 50 states.

‘CYY jock Joey explained UPROXX’ systematic approach to its state-by-state band rankings thusly:

“They used a number of factors, including album sales, Grammy wins and specific numbers from the Recording Industry Association of America. UPROXX also admits that they used a variety of less concrete factors to make their final decisions on each state.”

So which band best represents Maine based on that somewhat flexible criteria?

Rustic Overtones.

It’s a solid choice.

Long the most recognizable band name in the Portland music scene, Rustic Overtones made headlines by signing with major record labels in the late 1990s and early 2000s, worked with the likes of iconic rocker David Bowie and saw their music appear in a Hollywood soundtrack.

After a five-year stretch in which the band broke up and members pursued other musical projects, Rustic Overtones returned in 2007 with “Light At The End,” which would become Maine’s fastest-selling local album ever.

So it’s tough to argue with UPROXX’ decision to name Rustic Overtones the band of Maine.

But that’s not to say there aren’t other very good choices as well.

UPROXX clearly considered individual musicians in its list as well — Michael Bolton was the choice for Connecticut, for instance — so how about David Mallett, writer of the now transcendent folk classic “Garden Song”?

Other famous folk singers like Gordon Bok and, more recently, Ellis Paul, are also Maine natives. As is indie rocker Juliana Hatfield, although she’s more often associated with the Boston music scene.

Culture site previously placed Paul with singer-songwriters Howie Day and Patty Griffin in what it considered Maine’s “dream band.”

If you’re curious, UPROXX gives New Hampshire credit for iconic rock band Aerosmith, based on the fact that recognizable singer Steven Tyler once formed a band there — even though he didn’t actually form Aerosmith with fellow founding members Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer until after they’d all made their way to Boston years later.

What other bands or musicians do you think could represent Maine? Offer your suggestions in the comments below or on Facebook.