This is the most ‘unusually popular’ place Mainers are traveling to for Thanksgiving

Google Trends sorted through all the destinations people across the U.S. searched for on Google Flights (there’s a Google everything), and found what it called the “most unusually popular domestic” places the travelers from each state plan to visit for Thanksgiving.

You may recall a few days ago, we posted’s findings for where most Mainers are traveling for the holidays — Florida.

The Google Trends map is different, in that it shows the most distinctive destination, which is to say the place Mainers are choosing disproportionately often when compare to travelers from other states.

And that “unusually popular” destination for Maine travelers is Sacramento, California:

Our neighbors in New Hampshire, if you look closely enough, are traveling inordinately often to Detroit this Thanksgiving. (If it’s just live professional football you’re after, you could also go to Dallas, you know, right?)

If you are one of those holiday travelers from Maine and you’re flying out of Portland International Jetport — the state’s busiest airport — be prepared to spend an extra few minutes in transit.

FiveThirtyEight, the data analysis site best known for its politics and sports breakdowns, has produced an interactive map showing the country’s fastest and slowest airports.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Portland has the 237th fastest airport out of 311 rated, and will add eight minutes to your travel time when compared to the national average — 20 minutes when traveling to New York, in particular.

That said, if you’re in the Portland area or south, PWM may still be your best bet — the Manchester, New Hampshire, airport adds an average of 10 minutes to your travel time and Logan International Airport in Boston adds 16.

Your quickest turnaround time at an airport in the region can be found at Bangor International Airport, however, the 64th fastest in the FiveThirtyEight list and a place that’ll shave a big fat minute off your overall travel time.

If you want to read all about FiveThirtyEight’s deep dive into airline and airport efficiency numbers, click here.

Featured main page photo of Sacramento by DevinCook, used under Creative Commons License.