Websites describe the 19 most beautiful waterfalls in Maine

The website, which we’ve noted has done interesting previous posts about castles and other strange attractions in Maine, has returned with a list of the state’s most beautiful waterfalls.

The piece is titled, specifically, “These 10 waterfalls in Maine will take your breath away,” and it’s hard to argue with that claim.

Another site,, has its own top 10 list of Maine waterfalls, which overlaps in a lot of places with the OnlyInYourState offering, but adds five worthwhile honorable mentions to boot.

Maine is indeed home to some stunning waterfalls. Between the two lists, there are 19 total waterfalls described, and all are worth visiting.

The six waterfalls to appear on both lists are:

  • The 90-foot Angel Falls near Byron
  • The majestic 120-foot-wide, 40-foot-tall Grand Falls near The Forks
  • Screw Auger Falls, which pours from a 30-foot height in Grafton Notch State Park
  • The 90-plus-foot-tall Moxie Falls, also near The Forks, is considered the tallest single waterfall dropoff in New England
  • The scenic, multi-leveled Smalls Falls not far from Rangeley
  • The series of named and unnamed waterfalls along the famed “Grand Canyon of the East,” Gulf Hagas

Click here to see the other falls to appear on the list, or here to view the rest of the eTravelMaine recommendations.

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The author of this post leaping into the water at Smalls Falls

The author of this post leaping into the water at Smalls Falls