A clean break: Divorces in Maine typically ‘cordial,’ study finds


Researchers from the divorce paperwork website CompleteCase.com used their unique position in the market to compare divorcing “couples in each state who declared online that they were in agreement with each other, against those who were not.”

They then simply labeled each state “amicable,” “cordial” or “disagreeable” in terms of how their divorces typically play out and ranked them all accordingly.

By these metrics, Maine is around the middle of the pack when it comes to how friendly couples are when splitting up, figuring out custody of children and dividing up assets, etc.

The Pine Tree State was rated “cordial” and came in at No. 24 in the CompleteCase.com ranking, just between Mississippi and Utah.

In terms of New England, Maine divorces were determined to be more amicable than the cordial Massachusetts and disagreeable New Hampshire and Connecticut, but less so than Vermont and Rhode Island, both of which were listed in the website’s top three overall.

Of course, Mainers have a lot of experience with divorce. The state consistently has among the highest divorce rates in the country, as well as the highest percentage of married people on at least their second marriages in the Northeast.

Featured main page image by Nicolas Raymond, used under Creative Commons license.