Spooky YouTube channel ranks Maine’s top 5 ghost stories

The YouTube channel A Grave in Baltimore, which specializes in paranormal tales and haunted happenings, published a video this year ranking what it considers the top 5 ghost stories in Maine.

The video offers a fun primer on five of the state’s most legendary apparitions, and you can forgive the narrator’s mispronunciation of “Seguin.”

If you’ve been following the BDN features team’s excellent series on Maine Ghost Stories, a few of these YouTube choices will be familiar — the stories of the “witch’s foot” imprint on Jonathan Buck’s 18th century grave in Bucksport and the wandering spirit of Catherine on Route 182, for instance.

If you’re into the paranormal, A Grave in Baltimore has a lot of gripping videos detailing spooky legends and lore from around the world.

For deeper looks into many of Maine’s ghost stories, click here to find the BDN series page, complete with histories and multimedia offerings.

Featured main page image by Colin and Sarah Northway, used under Creative Commons license.