Maine is one of only two states where this candy is the Halloween favorite

Halloween candy (BDN file photo)

Halloween candy (BDN file photo)

According to the publication Travel + Leisure, product review site Influentser surveyed 40,000 users to determine which candy people in each state most hope to get in their goodie bags on Halloween.

(To be clear, users of a product review site are more likely to be parents of trick-or-treaters than trick-or-treaters themselves, so these results likely represent some combination of assumptions about what the children like and admissions of what parents want to steal from them.)

The candy with the most votes nationwide was the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, while the candy to be the top choice in the most states was candy corn — which survey takers loved best of all in Oregon, Wyoming, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas.

As we’ve seen in other surveys like this, Mainers don’t usually follow the pack, however.

In Maine, the favorite Halloween candy was found to be Starburst, the bite-sized chewy fruit-flavored squares. The only other state to share this affinity was nearby Massachusetts.

Our neighbors in New Hampshire preferred Tootsie Rolls.

See the full map and list by clicking here.

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