This homeless man wants his daughter in Bangor to know he’s alive

Perry Thornley has been homeless in Burlington, Vermont, for about five months. The group Miracle Messages met him at an intersection there, where he recorded a message to his adult children, a son and a daughter.

 “Joey, Eliza, listen. Sorry I wasn’t there for you. I did a lot of time in prison. I love you both. Don’t forget Dad loves you. That’s all I can say,” he says in the video here:

After posting the video, Thornley spoke to his son on the phone, according to the organization, which aims to connect the homeless with their family by posting videos of them on social media. He hasn’t seen his daughter, who he last knew was in Bangor, in nine years.

Perry Thornley (YouTube).

Perry Thornley (YouTube).

Perry Thornley, 51, said he grew up in East Guilford where he went to Piscataquis Community High School. Before Burlington, he spent time in Bangor. 

You can learn more about his story, and about the group Miracle Messages, in this TV clip: