Faux news site the Onion spoofs on ‘quirky’ Maine restaurant

New York-based satirical news website the Onion is reporting this week from none other than Portland.

In a story headlined “Quirky restaurant’s bathroom had better @#&%$ deliver,” a diner at the fictional Nikki’s Grill set expectations high for the establishment’s restroom.

“This place is loaded with odd little knickknacks, and I will go ballistic if it doesn’t stay that way when I step inside the bathroom,” she told the Onion.

For those who don’t know — and those who react seriously to Onion stories when you see them in your Facebook feeds — this is an entirely made-up story. While the Onion often pokes fun at celebrities and politicians, it’s also great at spoofing everyday people and places.

For its tongue-in-cheek review of Nikki’s Grill, the Onion used a photograph of the indeed quirky Portland restaurant Silly’s, which you can learn more about in the video above.