O’Chang Comics to return with long-awaited ‘Crittah Gittahz Part II’

About a year ago, the creative couple behind O’Chang Comics — the umbrella for a series of animated shorts spoofing on Maine stereotypes — released the nearly 11-minute long “Crittah Gittahs Part I,” a veritable feature-length motion picture in a field of mostly shorter cartoons.

(“STAHMAGEDDON!” was the one other episode longer, at nearly 13 minutes.)

Although we’ve watched the adventures of lovably vulgar Mainer Green Bud Kelly and his hipster sidekick Atom in a series of wildly popular videos since — each one gets tens of thousands of views on YouTube, with one having been watched more than 500,000 times at this point — we’ve been waiting all this time for “Crittah Gittahs Part II.”

At the tail end of “Part I,” we learn that Bud and Atom, who’ve been earning some summer cash shingling a wealthy islander’s home, got a lead on another odd job… but what is it?

Well, with the release of the trailer above, we know we’ll soon find out.

“Part II” is coming in October.

If you want to catch up on the first part of “Crittah Gittahs,” watch the video below. But in both videos, be aware, there will be some explicit language.